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Melody Fellows: The Way It Should Be

Melody was accepted/approved last year on 12-12-12 ALL digital Baby AND IT'S..RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW! GO TO: iTunes, Spotify, Paste, CDbaby..or click above. Live Grammy Nomination 2014. No coinky dinks there? 
Her album/CD "The Way it Should Be" IS "LIVE. It's happened baby! Melody's fans are helping her "fly" as this Musical Peace Freight train takes off. Living history and living your dreams in motion ROCKS. How you ask? Keep making & taking the time to "LIKE" her Facebook & "Follow" her Twitter. Download a song or 3 from iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby or from her Blog. Choices rock! Free the indie artist...her fans have the power. So much power, Melody's song "Just All Right" was nominated for the 56th Annual Grammy Awards 'Gig of a Lifetime' 2014. "Just All Right" wasn't selected further than top 40 and "everything is...just all right. I think we're gonna make it". This musical ship is sailing a living dream again. Many fans live in trees...computers don't usually fit in tree houses. Creating it in motion is truly the ultimate reality show.  Play your tunes all over the world & POOF, internet radio stations ARE streaming Melody's music globally. POOF...RIP Steve Jobs. His vision made it possible for Melody to live an instant replay in "realtime" AGAIN... Melody began her musical journey playing her grooves around the globe several times...21st century streaming and now digital Melody Fellows rocks forward with the grooves. She continues to stream on Vanuatu's FM107 & Australian radio. Stay tuned and as soon as this iTunes/Amazon goes live...you'll find it here. Dreams aren't dreams when you live them. That whole record deal thing did a backflip... Stream on. It's "The Way it Should Be". Just fly like an eagle to the Red Sea; sometimes, take it--to the limit---one more time......it works. Melody is very grateful to many people throughout the world for their love & support of her music--"Good Times, Bad Times"...you know, we've all had our share. Obviously, it's better to cover a Zeppelin tune rather than carry a Zeppelin around your neck. Times have changed; change the key with the times. Music is universal and the song really does remain the same. Dreams do come true; just live them. Melody lives her LYRIC..."Sing, Child Sing" with all of your HEART or a retro tune"I like streamin', cuz streamin...


Playing music with great musicians is always an extraordinary time. Jamming with her Australian Mates is just a plain fabulous experience. Give it a go! Each trip, Melody met compelling and inspirational people on planes, trains, banca boats and automobiles...The Wizard and Toto do quite well in "Oz" too.  To Vilma, at Jimmy's on the CBD in Brisbane...she uses your gift every weekend btw. Your kindness speaks for itself. 

Melody thanks all the dj's whom play her "tunes" very much with some very special thanks to Arnold for his wonderful introduction featuring her music on Queensland radio. She also wishes to thank Eddie, her Down Under secret agent man for helping her live her dream to reality. Djembe vibes in drum circles turn the beat around with a little help from your friends. Melody just loves jamming with you all.

Midnight at the Oasis

TIME IS NOW...ALWAYS: Peacekeep SON #1, JARED EDMUND RAYE TEIGEN, CANCER DID SUCK. YOU LEFT THIS PLANE ON JULY 14TH, 2009 AT THE AGE OF 25. "Jared, 'California Dreaming' will always be our song. PEACEKEEPER, You told me I was a pillar to you in your life; darlin, I still do not take this honor lightly. You are mine & I feel ya loud & clear. "We all need somebody to lean on." I am so happy I was this to you. I'm proud knowing you did not need to ask me this next line "Has anyone every written anything for you........well I have. Listen to me now, you know I'd rather be alone, than live without you don't you know.....this is your song?" I continue our Peace Mission with you. Peace Keeper #2 Derek...you are the light...shine on; guide me baby.


Message in a Bottle from the SOUTH PACIFIC! Dateline: VANUATU
The South Pacific is the best place to perform, period. James Michener wrote "Tales of the South Pacific" while on Iririki Island in the beautiful Country of Vanuatu. Melody happened to write a few chapters of her own there too. Thank you FM107 & ParadiseFM 107! I love you Kira. Formerly, Vanuatu was known as New Hebrides & is located next to Fiji. Vanuatu is the 'Happiest Country On Earth'. Singing in Port Vila with the Paama Veano String Band & with the locals after glow show was & is pure island nirvana....Melody loved the on-air interviews in FM107 studios LIVE with Kira & Dee 
FM107's DJ'S (former) Kira & Dee on Vanuatu's top of the Pops radio station, where her music continues to Stream on. Kira is now at Paradise FM! Capitol FM107
 Request Melody's Music Live on FM107 Here!  

Melody in VanuatuMelody outside Vanuatu's FM107

Melody loves playing in the South Pacific. The people are truly the happiest people on the planet. Flick of a switch or continents maybe & POOF, Melody kept perfect time with all sunsets, wavesenjoyed Siesta Key. Beach homes, not whales on white quartz sand is always what the heart orders. Summer breeze's exist even in winter there. Breathe, breathe in the air.

MELODY traveled to the heart of the United States to Indiana. She cherished more perfect time with her "fave band" of cousins. They played guitars, jammed on the Pearl drumset & passed a few beats between the generations. The beaat goes on....

VANUATU is truly another dream come to life. Melody had a dream since childhood to sing in Vanuatu when the Country was called New Hebrides. She told herself she would sing for those wonderful people someday. The people at Poppy's & the Sebel remain in her heart. Her Bislama lingo needs more work, and she thanks all her fans and friends at FM 107 for their continued support. Marah, Estelle and many others really inspired her life. 

View TV footage of Melody interviewed about the so called "death" of vinyl records. Yeah, right, like that happened. Dream on!
Dream On. Where have all the CD's gone....to MP3 pastures........and so on and so on
Melody Fellows LP Concept

Gramaphone's Still Rock On, Vinylly!

They said it was the Last Dance for the LP in the late 80's, but just like a Melody, she's still the one, rocking and rolling. It turns out, both are LONG PLAY. Vinyl and quality sound will always be around. Vinyl is King or the Queen before she's off with their heads. Melody continues to play as "time keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin....into the future". Gramaphone, you play such nice, bright music...Analog still rocks. Now, mp3's and CD's are becoming "the past". She'll stick wth Streaming audio of her tunes airing in numerous countries such as Australia, Vanuatu, Philippines.
Robert Upton Ingraham 1957
Melody's grandfather: Bob Ingraham singing:
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sweet Sue

Listen to Melody's grandfather, Robert Upton Ingraham sing "Silent Night" on December 25th, 1942 Click on his fine face.

Christmas AngelsNutty Drummer Boy

This is the only Grammy Award Melody holds with honor! 

Melody Fellows & Kathie Fellows (Ingraham Leiserson)

A Very Ingraham & Fellows Christmas Carol

Melody's Angels

MELODY'S ANGELS : Melody shares wonderful time in Texas & the midwest  with Kensey, Prather, Maren & Corbin & Andy & Livie Belle all of whom are some of the brightest young stars whom shine with their own' light flare.  Kensey sang her first solo in May 2009 from the Broadway play Annie! Kensey is on the edge of 17 until 2-3-14 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY

She soaked in all she could at Harborfields in one of their beautiful cabins overlooking Boothbay Harbor, Maine where her Great Uncle Dick Fellows & his family have gathered each summer for decades. The sailing was just magic. Helen, her lovely cousin has a musical and artistic gift with her water color art. She also played a pretty awesome duet on flute with her father on guitar. Amazing Grace never sounded so great. Sarah, Melody had a wonderful time with you and enjoyed dinner together with your Fellows' fam in Boothbay. Robbie, what's your total rock water skipping record now? Diego & Will...the brain game has still not been shattered in record by you. Both of you are the Kinds of that one to this day!

American GirlShe currently lives upside down, all around at the Hotel California and changes her tune frequently flying like an eagle still learning to fly, without any wings...coming down, is the hardest thing...wherever her heart beats...she follows. So far, in the 21st century, Melody lived another lifelong dream to obtain her own little piece of Siesta Key exquisitely disguised as a bungalow where she spent her summers barefoot on a crystal white quartz beach instead of the park with her Grandmother. Her Grama was instrumental raising her in Melody's attempts to 'grow up' while school was out for the summer's. 

As life has shown, Melody is a real survivor/flourisher & cannot ever be voted off any of the islands or countries where she sings. Melody doesn't watch reality tv; she lives it. She had a childhood dream of being a paleontologist & singing in the Great Pyramid when she was 9...she has now lived those dreams to life. 

                                    SWEET MELODY: PHILIPPINES BANCA BOAT TO THE ISLANDS is Now on iTunes! Check it

Sweet Melody Banca Boat

LESSONS LEARNED: Release any Gone With the Wind people whom may be hanging on for a ride. It's is a challenge at best; however, only shine with like kinds as you grow your spirit. Time after Time, when some judge & condemn others before knowing ALL facts...it causes an eternal walk on eggshells. True friends walk side by side with one another sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. Remember to be very careful where you choose to throw your stones in life...the glass house you hit might turn out to be your own that shatters. Friends don't give up on one another, but sometimes...you must let one fly so you can be free to "be". Live your reality & stand with your friends.

THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS IN LIFE...this experience she lived to tell can be seen how you choose to perceive it & should not be viewed for the faint at heart. For those still asking, here is the scoop du jour: March 13th, GHB (date rape drug) was dropped in a diet coke Melody had by some very lost souls. This layed the groundwork for becoming an unwilling passenger involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident in Northern California; however, she for the brighter things that life held for her. Due to popular demand...she was sent back for a reason she has found. Share the music. It was the day the music should have died for her, but she still thinks she's a Timex watch or the Eveready Energizer Bunny...she took a licking but she kept on ticking. It is taking all the Kings horses and all the Kings men to put her back together again. SHE'S BAAACCCKKKKK.

The others, along with the stalker person who so cowardly contributed to the attempted untimely exit are still wandering around the States aimlessly free including the fanatic stalker driver who resided in a California State prison for his share in the crime until very recently. Those of you who have not done so, (check heart rate while reading this and you will know if this applies to you immediately...best to sit down if it escalates) The wish is for the people who chose to drop out of Melody's life after her life altering experience is to continue to come to terms with what you didn't do to help during her healing process while you claimed to care about & love her when she was on top of he world. All you need is love. Even an email with the word "hello" can save a persons life. Melody is living life again on another frequency to see the Seven Wonders and she almost has; She'll make a path until the rainbows end this time. She's rocking on like all good Gold Dust Women do so she can keep rocking and rolling with the changes. She's been through the Egyptian & Arizona desert on a horse and camel with no name; she is determined daily to survive the experience of losing the ability to perceive sound as she knew it. Staying positive is the name of the game. Never give up. Always live your truth. Never give up. Ever.

Her heart is filled with appreciation & loyalty to the wonderful people sticking with her like glue while she feels stuck in middle of C, hanging on by a treble clef. She still drives ini the same make and model vessel she had before thanks to Dr. RAMIN BEHMAND..her own precious stone temple pilot facial navigator. On Sept 13th, 6 months to the day the music almost died...Melody had a purple balloon inserted in her spine to fix her broken back the hospital happened to miss while lounging around for a month in ICU. You say, "A balloon, did she lose her mind too?" It's always the first to go and that's a given to many we're sure. The surgery in was and still is spanking new and called Kyphoplasty. There are 2,200 surgeons trained to do this hot air balloon trick but the best one for her is Dr. ABID QURESHI. She highly recommends this procedure to anyone with spine or hip injuries...especially elderly people...put it this way...she's broken her back twice now in this game of Life and this time, she is still walking 5-7 years sooner thanks to Kyphon's innovative technology and Dr. Qureshi's fine craftmenship putting Humpty Dumpty pieces back together. Melody continues the healing time required to mend her broken back and her shattered spirit as an opportunity to write and reflect on her passion in life--which has always been Music...Everything will be Just All Right. Remember Love is Love and Time is Everything...Listen to me now, your dreams are only dreams.....these are titles to some of her songs to be released later than sooner. If you've heard one tune...you've heard them all...but there TRULY is only one Melody. This is real life, not reality TV.

Hong Kong - Where's the Gig?

OTHER FUN FILLED ADVENTURES: New Zealand and Australia! What a great Kiwi musical adventure there and down under. "It was really nice meeting/jamming with you all. My treasured Gibson Starburst and I survived all the planes throughout NZ's North and South Island and minus the kangaroo attack in Australia, it was fabulous." The trip held gigs at the Temple in Auckland, NZ March 5, Dunedin March 8,Sir Gabriel's March 9 in Lawrence, Queenstown @ Pog Mahones March 9, 2001 (Thanks Wayne) March 9 and finally, a small stint at MELBOURNE'S MOOMBA Festival March 12th, 2001. While in Sydney you should all check out Jaime of the band Stonewall at the Hard Rock, Sydney and also Nature Nature in Sydney. All she can say is Egypt in May, 2001 was extraordinary. Singing in the Great Pyramid was acoustically awesome and inspiring and she believes it was "the most intense experience she ever lived to feel." Other impromptu gigs were equally fabulous that she was headed back for planned gigs. Due to the tragic 9-11-01, she cancelled plans to return in October 8th, 2001 to Alexandria and Cairo Egypt.

The 21st Century Fox...rocked with a complete change of key traveling and playing with a variety of local eclectic musicians instead of the comfort zone of her band  in California. Doug, Geoff and Lou...you gave me wings...RIP Lou, you are the best bass guitar this drummer/vocalist could have dreamed to find! Michael you helped fuel my courage to use them and I thank you! That year she spent 6 months in Florida playing Bob's Boathouse, Gators, The Beach Club, Cap'n Curt's, Gilligan's along with a pubs in Portland, Oregon. Florida Bob..you're the greatest and thank you for sharing your band not to mention your equipment with her.

Art & Wine Festival 1997

Melody In ASIA MINOR turned out a wonderful response from 98.1 Monster Rock in Makati, Manila, Puerto Galera, Quezon City, Boracay, Mindoro Philippines. Thanks to ALL my friends (espcially Rey my soul driver)and the club owners in Boracay (Nigi Nigi Nu Nu's, Sulu Star and La Reserve), Manila and Makati (Hobbit House). I'd have to say, playing in Caticlan, Iloilo, Puerto Galera, PI, St. Lucia, Aruba, Grenada and Boracay on the trips over were some of the most inspirational experiences I've ever had..This trip turned me on to the people who are so wonderful where they were. It was worth all the travel and casual machine gun toters for the simple fact that they really just love being happy. Music does that sometimes. That's what keeps music my passion. I recommend to any Indie band or musician to just travel and get your music out there. I did. I used the Internet to book my gigs all over the world before the internet was a household use. I'm not famous anywhere but I am on Mtv Asia Minor...Major Melody's Tunnel Vision. There is no need to wait for a major label anymore. If your passion is playing music...take it to the people. They are waiting. It really does work! I'm living proof. Well, I was. Stay tuned. I'm flat right now losing air. So LOVE Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. Great experiences. 

WEEKEND UPDATE: This is an incredible journey...she's only just begun. PEACE OUT

Siesta Key Sun

Melody is LIVE on iTunes NOVEMBER 1st 2012! THE DREAM BEGINS AGAIN