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Style Pop Adult Contemporary
Tittle: DEMO
Format: CD, Cassette
Area San Francisco, California USA
Review: Singer/Songwriter/Drummer/Guitarist/Piano Melody Fellows performs in a band called Wicked Honey in the SF area. But her real love in life shines through in her original music. She started playing drums at an early age and soon after began singing and writing her own compositions. Her songs reflect real life situations of  love, jealousy and the human threads that connect us all. Melody has a very strong voice with hints of Four Non' to Stevie Nicks at times. Her rhythm section is very tight and features Al Berry on bass, and Kevin Austin on Drums. Also much to my surprise Gary Myrick plays guitar on the album. For those in the know remember Gary and his band "The Figures" brought us such well known hits as "She talks in stereo" "Living Disaster" and one of my all time favorites "Ever since the world began"! His woody strat sounds stab into the mix with his signature tone on "Common Soul", then continues to dance with Melody's vocal style through out the demo, shaping hills of music that seems to set the backdrop for summer.
Wav. Speaker  Just All Right  97
* Please note: This clip has been compressed to an 8 bit version for fast
   downloading. Actual music submitted was of a much higher quality.
Conclusion: Well done, well sung, we'll go out and buy the album as soon is it's released. Keep up the good work Melody, your heading in the right direction and keeping it real!
Band Name: Martha's Merkin
Style New Rock
Tittle: Corner Lot
Format: CD
Area Alameda
Contact 510-865-9764
Review: Vocalist Tracey Ward fronts this band adding Jim Rios on Bass and Ed Stiles on drums. The guitars have a good solid sound and are played by guest Pat Smyth. Songs like "Your not special", "Shell" and the hollow reflections of "Amateur Lover", have an interesting juxtaposition against the happy, sepia toned cover of the CD. It features a classic family portrait smiling behind the pickett fence of their ~Corner Lot~. I have seen the band live and Tracey's vocals seemed to lack the intensity of  her live performance.
Wav. N/A
Conclusion: I'm not a big fan of moody music, but I must say that the production and musicianship on the album is quite nice. For those who enjoy a trip to the darker side of the pop realm, this CD offers alternative selections to take you away from the local norm.

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