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Melody Rocks Caticlan Bound
Melody Iloilo Phippines Warm Up
Melody's Leary Jet
Melody Leary Jet
Please 'Flash' The Toilet Iloilo, Philippines
'Sweet Melody' Banca Tour Boatt
Boracay Gigs from Banca Boat to Shore copy
Melody on Banca to Island Gigs copy
Melody's Security Next Island gig
Manila Melody Autograph Special
Melody in Boracay before Gig @ Sulu Star.jpg
Stray Needles for Dr
Melody Moments in Boracay copy
Melody Rolling Along Boracay
Melody Boracay Drive
Caticlan Airport-air traffic control
PI Mel
PI Mike
PI practice Band, Boracay
Star guitar
Melody & Rock A little Fan 94
Sun Star 1
Sun Star 2
Callou n Melody 1
Callou n Melody 2
White Angels 1
White Angels 2
Coastal Battery Melody 1
Coastal Battery Melody 2

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