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Melody FellowsMelody Fellows LIVES HER DREAMS as a musician & philanthropic traveler where the spirit moves her. She is the lead vocal in her band, plays guitar & bass; however, she's a drummer since single digit years.  Melody has a magical obbsession for creating hauntingly hypnotic tunes that are just raw original pop/rock songs. Her voice evokes a striking depth of emotion, conviction, and pure honesty. Since early childhood, music has been her passion. Melody started playing drums naturally and has been singing and writing original music professionally since the teen decade. Her first drum kit was made up from the boardgames Monopoly, Life, Parchesi and Trouble boxes. At 14, the "fam" finally caved to the madness and bought her a 2nd hand Slingerland drum set from 'back in the day'. By the time she was 15, she was writing & recording her first songs on a small cassette player. With the eclectic sounds that filled her life, these influenced her earliest compositions and like every other teenager, Melody found herself drawn to a diverse range of pop/rock music reflective in her sound today. Melody was accepted into the University of Colorado School of Music program & majored in performance where she kept developing her songs & lyric structuring.

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When she moved to Phoenix, Melody focused exclusively on writing and recording. She developed her individual sound and style in Wicked Honey when she moved with the music back to California where she lives today. With a wide variety of songs completed, Melody recorded her 3 song demo at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA. She is currently playing a myriad of places globally such as Asia where she was featured on Monster Rock 93.1 Manila, Philippines, FM 107 Vanuatu & Queensland Australia.